How do I learn new ICT

One-way people can learn ICT is to engage in courses like EDC3100 ICT and pedagogy. I’ve learnt how to Blog, use Diigo and Feedly which are very new to me. Another way to learn new ICT and how it works, is to do basic ICT courses especially if people do not have any knowledge about ICT at all. So becoming formula with Windows, Apple and the internet will be the first start that will open up doors. Then practice using it as much as possible to get a better understanding of it. If possible to some background knowledge and talk to other people who have ICT knowledge that could help. Then use that knowledge to expand by researching how to learn new ICT skills. Find out as much as possible about ICT and any available courses and programs the can help you learn. An example of learning and expanding new ICT is by doing Professional Development courses such as these on this hyperlink  ICT Professional Development 


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