Daycare – Kindy and School.

I read Kia K blog this morning about not being placed in a daycare. Which inspire me to share this story of mine. When I first started in the early childhood industry, I start as a nanny and I did that for 8 years and love it. I then discovered what it was like to work in a daycare. I thought that was all I wanted to do. I started as an assisted and I wanted to be a group leader right or wrong. I just needed my Diploma. Well, by the time I got my diploma I was living in a small rural town with no daycare center for miles. So that was not going to happen. So I focused on Kindy instead as there was a Kindy. So I volunteered for a while at the Kindy and ended up doing relief teaching and assisting. I did that for a while with  my Diploma and I grow to love that and decided that I would become a Kindy teacher. However, the government decided that all Kindy teachers needed bachelor level. So I  enrolled.

As time went on,  I had a friend and my son’s teacher ask me to volunteer for reading groups at our local school. Before I knew it I was volunteering more and more at school and became employed as a casual teacher aid. It has really opened my eyes to the diversity of the learning needs of students in schools. I now want to specialize in special Education and have chosen special education for all my elective courses for my Bachelor degree.

I understand, however, Kia you must be very passionate about daycare and being a director. But I think you will enjoy your experience at school. It’s very rewarding.  Also, you never know you might look at things differently and gain a new perspective as a director on what children can learn at daycare to be better prepared for school entry and school live. After all, daycare is the very beginning of a child’s education. It might even open up new doors.  Yes, Kia things do happen for a reason. I know it applies to me. Good luck with your placement experience and embrace it. I believe some good will come out of it.



Reflecting on week 10

Reflecting on week 10

I completed week 10 last night and I still can’t believe it has gone so fast.  Well, now I have to put everything I’ve learnt into practice. It was good to go over thing again and remind us what’s expected of us to complete Assignment 3. I found the examples of reflective writing very constructive and helpful. I’m using this one as an example also. I will now go through assignment 3 in more detail to ensure that I am on the right track. I’m not sure if I’m ready to say farewell yet. As I feel there is so much more to learn and yes, course I will fill in the evaluation survey to express how I feel and this course.

I was going through my emails and found this blog from Denise and I had to laugh. I guess when you have finished all the learning paths then that gives us more time to go through other blogs for ideas. Don’t worry Denis we are all doing the same thing. It’s a bitty Colin does not have any IWBs where his being placed. Perhaps there are other ways he can use ICT at his placement. I am however really impressed with the link that he shared in his blog for free IWB activities that Denise also shared in her blog. I joined the Learning place but I guess it’s how people feel if they want to join or not. However, I really like the teachezy link Denise also shared and I want to become a member. Good find Denis!

Well, I’m going to finish now. But I must admit I’ve grown to love finding out and learning more about ICT. Just think if I didn’t enroll in this course I may not have ever found out and learnt how to blog, do Feedly and use something as useful as diigo and I really love hyperlinking.  I still have a lot to learn of course but I’m getting there. So a BIG THANK YOU to David Jones and fellow students for giving the opportunity to learn more and sharing so many great ideas.



I read Denis’s blog and I think getting questions ready for our mentors will help us to become formula with what could happen with Professional Experience in regards to using ICT. I am also studying Early childhood but would like to get more insight into Special education. My placement is with Fountain but we call it Prep in Queensland. Thanks Denis for sharing the Mathematics using digital technologies article. I read the abstract and have found myself wanting to read more.

I’m not sure if I’ve already shared these resources but I will share them anyway. One is how students can make digital comics and the other is a useful and easy website to make Word Clouds.


I love Promethean Planet

I noticed this Place value resource on the Daily updates in the group ICT and Pedagogy. This interactive whiteboard community has got some get resources. The Place value resource is a great way to amplify and transform place value into ICT lessons. Being able to use the Interactive whiteboard can involve and engage the whole class on a whole new level and in meaningful ways.

I was first introduced to the Promethean planet community website when I was working through week 9 learning paths. When we were encouraged to look up various IBW communities. I went into Promethean Planet community and registered and found these great resources if anyone is interested in Geography. If you want some great resources, I encourage you to register, it’s worth it. Another web link that caught my eye was May Interactive Flipcart Calendar. check it out.

Heading into week 10, time flies

How time flies, I can’t believe we are all most at the end of all the learning paths before heading out to Professional Experience. So I’ll try to make a start on 2 or 3 learning paths for week 10 tonight otherwise I’ll start tomorrow. I’m getting my questions ready to ask my mentor and the ICT teacher. I’ve already investigated a little. I will just get the rest of my question ready. I’m still really nervous about Professional Experience but once I’m there I’ll be fine and I still need to go through my Professional Experience book as well.

After going through my emails as I do, I came across this blog from Mel Luck reflecting on assignment 2 and I must say I can relate to her in some aspects with assignment 2. As I mention in another blog of mine, I felt it took me forever and I’m not really sure if mine is good enough. I just hope that I’ve met the criteria. I agree the unit plan was different to others I’ve done also. However, unlike Mel, I did my unit plan year 4 English to try and challenge myself. I guess I will find out soon enough when I get my mark back to see if  I was on the right track or not. Well, now I need to focus on the week 10 learning paths and getting ready for Professional Experience.

Apply what I’ve learnt in week 9 to my Professional experience

I’ve been communicating with my mentor and the ICT teacher where I will be doing my Professional Experience. These are some of the ICT devices being used is a computer lab, IPads, digital cameras, definitely IWBs in all classroom which all teacher’s laptops connect to. I might be able to connect my own computer to it I just need to find out whether I need to install the device software for the IWB, for it to work on my computer. If not, I will ask my mentor if I can use her laptop the connect to the IWB to do my lessons. Otherwise, I may need to find out more.

This is what I need to do to apply the acronym CLEM to my Professional Experience.

Community: I have already had a short talk to the ICT teacher about how I might use my own computer to the IWB but I need to find out more. My mentor, other teacher’s and the principal will all be a part of the school community the use the IWB and other ICT devices and programs so I can get advice and support from them. I’ve learnt about other communities in the week 9 learning paths. The teaching staff also have their own community that they can access support. I will try and find out more about that as well.

Literature: I will talk more to my mentor and the ICT teacher to find what I need to know what students are learning about ICT.

Example:  Some examples have been from observing my mentor

Model: My mentor can guide me on what I can and can’t do to model to students appropriately and my mentor can model to me what she uses.

I read Denis’s blog and she mentioned a list of possible digital technologies she could be using on Professional Experience and what I have available is quite similar. One thing I do know is students are taught about ICT devices and skills from Prep – year 10.

Leading up to Professional Experience

While going through my emails, I came across this blog from Susan and have to say I am very nervous too. Especially now Professional Experience is getting closer and closer. I have also met and observed my mentor and she will be a wonderful teacher to learn from. If I’m half the teacher she is I will be happy. She is very honest and doesn’t sugar-coat things. This is a good thing because I want her to be honest with me so I can learn probably and make improvements where I need to. I just hope I’m good enough. I think using ICT in the classroom will not be a problem. However, the town I live in, the internet isn’t the best as well. I did some relief teaching at the Kindy at my local town and I love it! I guess school is slightly different and perhaps I just need to stop over thinking things.


Building a supportive community with digital technology

Working through week 9 learning paths, I think it’s a great way to build educational community systems, especially when it comes to using digital technology. I know, I could do with all the support I can get. As I have not had any experience with IWBs. The Smart Communities  offers help with solutions, asking questions and interaction with others also Promethean Plant offers great advice, support, resources and even Professional development courses both listed in the on the learning path 2 types of community with Diigo, listing I thought were very informative.

The Trouble Shooting resource with the IWB, I think are very useful and practical because if you are unfamiliar with how to work new technology such as IWBs’, it makes it so much easier to actually seeing where cables and cords need to go on the YouTube clips.  Sometimes, when someone explains it to you without seeing it visually can be hard to visualize it in your head. So actually visualizing it gives it a whole new perspective.

With the Advice and Tips, I really loved the Diigo list of resources. My favorite is Creative ways to use Interactive White Board in the classroom with all its features on offer.



I must admit when I read Kia K’s blog I did really know or understand what the CLEM meant apart from reading it on her blog. I should have known that it would be something to do with amplifying and transforming ICT student learning. However, it is the acronym for Community, literature, example and model (CLEM). Also, I think the IWB are a great idea. Yes, they are definitely a big part of teaching now and for us as future teachers. Also using them in school classrooms does really improve students learning. I’ve been in classrooms as a teacher aid and I’ve seen it for myself. It can be used to present PowerPoint presentations, YouTube clips and activities that engage a whole class to each student individually engaging in an activity using the IWB.

Finally, finished

I can’t believe I’ve finally finished Assignment 2. I felt like it took me forever. I finally finished it on Sunday night and so I thought that I might as well hand it in as well, even though it was due today. I thought to myself 1 less thing to worry about as I need to start another assignment for science and of course I can now focus on the rest of the learning paths and assignment 3.

I got 3.5/5 for my last report and I was a bit disappointed in myself. So, of course, this will make me want to do better for this week. I feel like I’m letting myself down. I will try and do six blogs this week, so hopefully I will succeed.

I can kind of relate to Naomi’s blog about being under pressure as I’m still juggling work and Uni which gets me thinking about the hours needed to complete learning paths and everything else that goes into complete EDC3100 commitments and other subjects. Maybe the mindful app she suggested in her blog would be great for me. It sounds pretty good. Thanks, Naomi great suggestion!