What are ICT

Well, first ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. ICT involves using digital technology to communicate using different devices (things) and programs. ICT involves using Computer, laptops, mobile phones, varies internet devices such as modems that connect to the computer and wireless that don’t connect to the computer, interactive white boards that teachers use in classrooms to communicate information to students which connected to their laptops. Other devices include Tablets, iPads, digital T. V’s, fridges and washing machines, game machines such as the Wi, Sony play stations and Xbox consoles. Even a lot of motor cars are computerized to make driving and operating the car easier.

There are various ICT companies such as Microsoft and Apple that offer computer and gaming programs that are found on computers, mobile phones, Tablets, and iPads to allow people to communicate effectively. Programs such as Microsoft office, Mac and many more, gives people the opportunity to create and use it instead of the standard use of pen and paper to record information. People can email using the device using Computer, laptops, mobile phones, Tablets, iPads to send messages all instantly. Other things ICT can do is Online shopping, movies, iTunes in regards to music and movies.

People can also use the internet to communicate via Facebook, Twitter, Skype and email. This is very handy for business and pleasure as it open doors for people to communicate more and more instantly. It gives overseas people and people living in different areas of the country the opportunity to communicate without worrying about time-consuming travel and mailing. According to Kossen, Kiernan and Lawrence 2013 p.177, people join sites for a variety of reasons, one of the most obvious being fun, sharing photos, opinions, and anecdotes. It is also useful for people who want to engage with studying online. When becoming formula with ICT people need to get used to the ICT language, it’s vocabulary and culture.

However, people need to be careful communicating using Facebook, Twitter as it only takes a few seconds for all the world to see what it is your communicating and know your business so, being aware of privacy rights is extremely important.

So overall ICT is used for people to communicate effectively by using digital technology.  For people who are and who are not formula with ICT, it changes very fast, so it is very important to keep up to date with it as much as possible and have the necessary skills and knowledge to use ICT devices otherwise it can be very intimidating and you can be left behind. As I’ve learnt a lot through study University online I thought I knew a bit more about what ICT is. However, even when starting this ICT and pedagogy course, I discovered that there are even more new things about using ICT, such as becoming formula with Diigo and Feedly, which is another way of communicating, putting and finding out useful information using ICT, that I’ve never used or heard of before doing this course.



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