With the end of the week on my reflection so far

So far I have experienced a lot of different things in this course. None of the courses so far have ever used things like Feedly, Diigo and Bloging which took me a while to get used to. The difference is using these things, which was a bit scary, because they are all new to me and I’m a bit worried that I will do something wrong or break it. Well, that’s what it felt like.

Last week on Saturday I tried to comment on the Analog and digital technology What’s the difference article on the ICT and pedagogy group on the Diigo site and it can also be found on the ICT and pedagogy in the ICT books on study desk.  It became quite frustrating because I couldn’t work out how to comment. Which has lots of useful posts that the students can assess and you can comment on. As I was trying to find out how to comment I ended up finding out how to had a topic instead. I just persisted and now I know how to do both. I finally clicked on the comment, under the title. After of cause clicking on everything else. It was staring me right in the face and the only reason why this happened the way it did was because I’m not used to it. I starting to understand things a bit better now. I just need to practice and become a lot more used to it. Which will happen as I use Feedly, Diigo and my Blog a lot more.

When we had to do the “Fill in the blanks” activity I felt it was challenging but fun. I had to laugh when I saw the answers on the forum after I posted it. When I saw my answers, I roared laughing. I would never have guessed some of the answers. However, I did get some right.

I am finally starting to think I can do this ICT and pedagogy course with more practice. However, I’m guessing and getting ready for the next challenge, so wish me luck.


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