Reflecting on week 10

Reflecting on week 10

I completed week 10 last night and I still can’t believe it has gone so fast.  Well, now I have to put everything I’ve learnt into practice. It was good to go over thing again and remind us what’s expected of us to complete Assignment 3. I found the examples of reflective writing very constructive and helpful. I’m using this one as an example also. I will now go through assignment 3 in more detail to ensure that I am on the right track. I’m not sure if I’m ready to say farewell yet. As I feel there is so much more to learn and yes, course I will fill in the evaluation survey to express how I feel and this course.

I was going through my emails and found this blog from Denise and I had to laugh. I guess when you have finished all the learning paths then that gives us more time to go through other blogs for ideas. Don’t worry Denis we are all doing the same thing. It’s a bitty Colin does not have any IWBs where his being placed. Perhaps there are other ways he can use ICT at his placement. I am however really impressed with the link that he shared in his blog for free IWB activities that Denise also shared in her blog. I joined the Learning place but I guess it’s how people feel if they want to join or not. However, I really like the teachezy link Denise also shared and I want to become a member. Good find Denis!

Well, I’m going to finish now. But I must admit I’ve grown to love finding out and learning more about ICT. Just think if I didn’t enroll in this course I may not have ever found out and learnt how to blog, do Feedly and use something as useful as diigo and I really love hyperlinking.  I still have a lot to learn of course but I’m getting there. So a BIG THANK YOU to David Jones and fellow students for giving the opportunity to learn more and sharing so many great ideas.



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