Daycare – Kindy and School.

I read Kia K blog this morning about not being placed in a daycare. Which inspire me to share this story of mine. When I first started in the early childhood industry, I start as a nanny and I did that for 8 years and love it. I then discovered what it was like to work in a daycare. I thought that was all I wanted to do. I started as an assisted and I wanted to be a group leader right or wrong. I just needed my Diploma. Well, by the time I got my diploma I was living in a small rural town with no daycare center for miles. So that was not going to happen. So I focused on Kindy instead as there was a Kindy. So I volunteered for a while at the Kindy and ended up doing relief teaching and assisting. I did that for a while with  my Diploma and I grow to love that and decided that I would become a Kindy teacher. However, the government decided that all Kindy teachers needed bachelor level. So I  enrolled.

As time went on,  I had a friend and my son’s teacher ask me to volunteer for reading groups at our local school. Before I knew it I was volunteering more and more at school and became employed as a casual teacher aid. It has really opened my eyes to the diversity of the learning needs of students in schools. I now want to specialize in special Education and have chosen special education for all my elective courses for my Bachelor degree.

I understand, however, Kia you must be very passionate about daycare and being a director. But I think you will enjoy your experience at school. It’s very rewarding.  Also, you never know you might look at things differently and gain a new perspective as a director on what children can learn at daycare to be better prepared for school entry and school live. After all, daycare is the very beginning of a child’s education. It might even open up new doors.  Yes, Kia things do happen for a reason. I know it applies to me. Good luck with your placement experience and embrace it. I believe some good will come out of it.



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