Heading into week 10, time flies

How time flies, I can’t believe we are all most at the end of all the learning paths before heading out to Professional Experience. So I’ll try to make a start on 2 or 3 learning paths for week 10 tonight otherwise I’ll start tomorrow. I’m getting my questions ready to ask my mentor and the ICT teacher. I’ve already investigated a little. I will just get the rest of my question ready. I’m still really nervous about Professional Experience but once I’m there I’ll be fine and I still need to go through my Professional Experience book as well.

After going through my emails as I do, I came across this blog from Mel Luck reflecting on assignment 2 and I must say I can relate to her in some aspects with assignment 2. As I mention in another blog of mine, I felt it took me forever and I’m not really sure if mine is good enough. I just hope that I’ve met the criteria. I agree the unit plan was different to others I’ve done also. However, unlike Mel, I did my unit plan year 4 English to try and challenge myself. I guess I will find out soon enough when I get my mark back to see if  I was on the right track or not. Well, now I need to focus on the week 10 learning paths and getting ready for Professional Experience.


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