Apply what I’ve learnt in week 9 to my Professional experience

I’ve been communicating with my mentor and the ICT teacher where I will be doing my Professional Experience. These are some of the ICT devices being used is a computer lab, IPads, digital cameras, definitely IWBs in all classroom which all teacher’s laptops connect to. I might be able to connect my own computer to it I just need to find out whether I need to install the device software for the IWB, for it to work on my computer. If not, I will ask my mentor if I can use her laptop the connect to the IWB to do my lessons. Otherwise, I may need to find out more.

This is what I need to do to apply the acronym CLEM to my Professional Experience.

Community: I have already had a short talk to the ICT teacher about how I might use my own computer to the IWB but I need to find out more. My mentor, other teacher’s and the principal will all be a part of the school community the use the IWB and other ICT devices and programs so I can get advice and support from them. I’ve learnt about other communities in the week 9 learning paths. The teaching staff also have their own community that they can access support. I will try and find out more about that as well.

Literature: I will talk more to my mentor and the ICT teacher to find what I need to know what students are learning about ICT.

Example:  Some examples have been from observing my mentor

Model: My mentor can guide me on what I can and can’t do to model to students appropriately and my mentor can model to me what she uses.

I read Denis’s blog and she mentioned a list of possible digital technologies she could be using on Professional Experience and what I have available is quite similar. One thing I do know is students are taught about ICT devices and skills from Prep – year 10.


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