Building a supportive community with digital technology

Working through week 9 learning paths, I think it’s a great way to build educational community systems, especially when it comes to using digital technology. I know, I could do with all the support I can get. As I have not had any experience with IWBs. The Smart Communities  offers help with solutions, asking questions and interaction with others also Promethean Plant offers great advice, support, resources and even Professional development courses both listed in the on the learning path 2 types of community with Diigo, listing I thought were very informative.

The Trouble Shooting resource with the IWB, I think are very useful and practical because if you are unfamiliar with how to work new technology such as IWBs’, it makes it so much easier to actually seeing where cables and cords need to go on the YouTube clips.  Sometimes, when someone explains it to you without seeing it visually can be hard to visualize it in your head. So actually visualizing it gives it a whole new perspective.

With the Advice and Tips, I really loved the Diigo list of resources. My favorite is Creative ways to use Interactive White Board in the classroom with all its features on offer.



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