Finally, finished

I can’t believe I’ve finally finished Assignment 2. I felt like it took me forever. I finally finished it on Sunday night and so I thought that I might as well hand it in as well, even though it was due today. I thought to myself 1 less thing to worry about as I need to start another assignment for science and of course I can now focus on the rest of the learning paths and assignment 3.

I got 3.5/5 for my last report and I was a bit disappointed in myself. So, of course, this will make me want to do better for this week. I feel like I’m letting myself down. I will try and do six blogs this week, so hopefully I will succeed.

I can kind of relate to Naomi’s blog about being under pressure as I’m still juggling work and Uni which gets me thinking about the hours needed to complete learning paths and everything else that goes into complete EDC3100 commitments and other subjects. Maybe the mindful app she suggested in her blog would be great for me. It sounds pretty good. Thanks, Naomi great suggestion!


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