Looking back on week 8

Wow, we are again at the end of yet another week. It’s early Friday morning and I’m quite happy as I have finished week 8 learning paths last night. I know it might seem like a long time but I have finally got a grip on assignment 2. I haven’t quite finished it yet but at least now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I got my mark back for assignment 1 and I got the shock of my life. I got a really good score. I honestly didn’t think I would ever get a score that I got. I am sooooo happy. I’m really just happy passing so this has really lifted my spirits. Not that I’ll get scores like what I got all the time.

So, getting back to this week’s learning paths. I watch the Lollipop YouTube clip which you can find on week 8 learning path and it was really freaky and that really happens So scary. I must admit someone was taking money from one of my accounts. The bank alerted me to it as I didn’t even know it was happening at first. It’s not a nice feeling at all. It scared off me a bit, but I’ve got my confidence back and I don’t find the online world so scary now, I’m just more alert and aware. However, on the other side, using the digital world, it’s a great way to make people aware of important issues like with “What’s for lunch”.

Again I was going through my emails and I discovered Denise’s blog, it regards not getting your placement yet. Yes, Denise, it would be very frustrating. I really feel for you because I love to be organized as I’m sure you are too. Hopefully, you will get some feedback soon and like you I am also early childhood. Try and stay positive.


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