What do you know about the responsible and ethical use of ICT

 To briefly outline what I know and have experienced with digital citizenship in a safe, responsive and ethical ICT environment , I would have to say, for my personal life would be with Facebook, I only accept friendships with people I know. Also as a personally, I don’t put up photos of myself or my family. I also regularly change my passwords to the necessary accounts that I have. I have and I will always respect my friends and other’s privacy. I NEVER give out anybody’s personal details, EVER!

I always use my common sense with emails or messages that tell me I’ve won a lot of money, especially when I haven’t even entered anything to win anything in the first place. Also, I don’t respond to any emails that try and tell me that it’s really important that I email them back with my personal details when I’ve never heard of them before. As far as my professional life at work, they have a policy that states that any unsuitable and inappropriate websites are blocked.

So with the “What do you know about bullying’’ quiz, I had 2 attempts. For the first attempt I got I answer right and the score was 2.50/10 and for my second attempt, I got 4 right which means I got 10/10.

With the “Cyber Smart Kid quiz” I got 23/25 for my first attempt so I did the quiz again and got 25/25. I love the way the questions are read out loud, with a voice over. Which a believe caters for differentiation to a degree. As all children are different, have different learning needs and different reading abilities.

The questions were very relevant to being Cyber smart. The Cyber smart quiz gives good advice to children and parents. So, I believe it is great for parents to either look through or complete the Cyber Smart either by themselves or better yet with their children. It gives parents and children the right guidance and educates them on the right way of dealing with Cyber safety appropriately.


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