Reflecting on week 7

Finally, I have finished all the learning paths for week 7. There was a lot involved and I will still need to go over it again. While working through the learning paths I believe it as better prepared me for Professional experience and Assignment 3.

It’s good that we have the option to still blog during our Professional experience if we want to, which I read in Part A Learning Journal. It gives good advice on what is appropriate to put in it and what isn’t. I will be starting on my schedule in the next few days. I have already started preparing for some of what we need for Part B in assignment 3.

I know it wasn’t necessary to do Water Warrior right away but I was curious so I read it and found it to be very interesting and informative. It gave me some insight on what’s involved in planning lessons, even though it was a unit of work.

I downloaded the copy of Herrington and Kervin (2007) and I also downloaded and saved the google doc Document ICT planning checklist. Both, I believe will be very useful when doing assignment 3. I will be referring to the google doc document when finding out more about what ICT is available when I go on Professional experience. It might even come in handy for assignment 3.


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