Working through week 7 so far

Well, David wasn’t wrong, there is a lot to absorb with week 7 and I have only covered twelve books so far. All those feedback sheets and trying to work how to use and upload copies of our Professional experience reports and referee statements to InPlace is very new for me. However, I found the Pdf document on ‘What feedback and evidence should you gather while on PE no. 2’ explains how to upload the report to InPlace very helpful and the blog that was also mentioned gave a very good explanation. So yes I will be planning and creating a calendar or schedule to keep me on track. So am I overwhelmed so far yes, yes and yes! I most certain am. This is becoming very real now. We are getting closer to becoming real and actual teachers. Like Susan mentioned in her blog I have also been confirmed for placement but it’s very good advice take one step at a time and just keep swimming, it gave me encouragement because like Susan as I’ve mentioned earlier in this blog I am also very overwhelmed.


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