Reflection Week 6

Well, here we are again at the end of week 6. Again I started off really well and I was determined to get a good report this week and I got called into work again. I thought this meant that I will now be behind again. However, like I said I am determined to finish my blogs for the week and last night I started at 5.00pm and worked through until 9.00pm to finish week 6 learning paths excepted the Evaluating one of my ICT-based learning activities as I am still working on my learning activities and as I am getting my head around things a lot better now I will try and complete it after work today and of course work more on assignment 2.

One of the things that caught my eye in the ICTs and assessment learning path was Plickers in the classrooms. I’ve never had of, it before but it sounds like it could save a lot of time and is very effective and most teachers have a mobile phone’s they carry in class.

I read Denise’s blog, stage three and loved her “My Story Book idea”.  My idea with my year 4 for students is making a digital comic. I will be doing lots of investigations today. Also, I must have to agree with Susan and reading her blog “Great organization” on working through the learning paths and reading others blogs and how it keeps her motived as I find it keeps me motivated and up to date as well. There are so many wonderful resources and ideas to learn from and I can’t believe I’m learning so much.



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