Stage 3 of my unit plan

We are now covering stage 3 in regards to our unit plans, in week 5 learning paths. In Stage 3 learning path book, 2.4 examples and exercisers, I downloaded the Year 12 Legal studies unit plan and had a go at answering the questions and post it on the suggested forum. So I’m not sure if I answered them probably. However, if I did, I can’t get over how many lessons make up a learning experience. If I’ve got it right the one learning experience has 9 lessons in 3 weeks, that’s a lot! But I guess it’s for year 12. That’s of course, I got the right in the first place. Again I’m trying to get my head around stage 3 also. I’m glad we are doing these activities as it gives us the knowledge we need to know to understand what we are doing and being able to do to complete assignment 2.


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