Getting my head around the Unit plan requirements

I’m going to be starting on my unit plan in a day or two. However, I’m just trying to get my head around matching the criteria with the curriculum objectives. In the week 4 learning paths, we had to reply to “Sharing constructing and transforming knowledge” and I’m not sure if I got it right. Colin commented on my answer and he had a point, was it just meant to be Year 4 stand elaboration /productive modes/texts structure and ideas and information in text and so I indeed could I have a got it wrong. Well has it turns out I got it right as David and Jay confirmed it for me and I am so happy for the feedback from Colin, David and Jay as this will help me get my head around what needs to be done for assignment 2 because I could have very well, have got it wrong. But like Susan with her blog on assignment 2 procrastination. I’m trying to get my head around it as well. I will now look for resources for stage 3.


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