Where’s my somewhere?

I was going to choose Prep for my somewhere as this is my safety net because I’m very early childhood. However, while engaging in week 4 learning paths, Pre-amble 2.3 Year level. I took David’s advice strengthening our weaknesses and I changed my mind and decided to be brave enough to attempt year 4 English. Which for now will be my new “somewhere”. Which I believe I mention in my Strengths and Weakness blog. I’m glad we are learning about the connection between Constructing knowledge and Transforming Knowledge and how it works.

I did the matching constructing and transforming objective activity and it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It’s really important to read and get an understanding of how constructing and transforming aligns with the curriculum objectives. I posted my answer to the sharing “constructing knowledge” and “transforming Knowledge” discussion forum and I got constructing and transforming mixed up but I got value feedback from David which I believe will help prepare me for assignment 2. I am now going to do the exercise in the selecting criteria as I’m hoping to get more feedback for that as well.

As I was going through my emails, a blog posted by Denis caught my eye which was “Ideas for Assignment 2” and I agree about it being a little overwhelming. It can be quite tricky on how everything ties in together. Like I said before, I got the constructing and transforming mixed up with (content descriptors) the objectives that I picked, for my somewhere year 4 English. So I can relate to Denise about it be overwhelming. So, Denise, you’re not alone.


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