Reflecting on week 4 so far

This week has been a challenge. I’m half way through the Module 2 week 4 learning path and yesterday on the 3.8.16, I finally finished part B Evaluating lesson plans for assignment 1. I hope it’s good enough. I think I should have read through the learning paths again. However, there is always so much to do. That will be one of my goals for this week, apart from completing all my assignments. I will reread Module 2 week 4 learning path again so it will sink in.

When I attempted the evaluation part of assignment 1, I was a little overwhelmed. So I went onto the assignment 1 forum and David put things into right perspective. As I was going through my emails I came across Kia K assignment 1 submitted blog and how she went over the assignment 1 submission info and I’m glad that I reread as well. I wasn’t going to at first but I went with a gut feeling. I probably should have read her blog first. However, I did reread it and handed it in. Also thanks Kia for putting up the Facebook link. I joined and I was accepted. I also saved the reading eggs website I found it very informative and I believe I can refer back to it throughout my studies.

I also read Susan McInnes’s blog on Module overview and I agree about the importance of the RAT Model is in evaluating lessons in regards to using ICT in lessons. I will go back and study more. My specialty is Early childhood but I do believe that using ICT in HPE. In can open up different and exciting new avenues and enhance students learning in HPE and ICT. I believe students will benefit from it and Early childhood people can incorporate ICT and HPE within our learning experiences as well.

As I’ve subscribed to the TIPBS which stands for Trauma Informed Positive Behaviour Support community I receive regular Newsletters and I thought this info from this blog put up by Judy Willis MD would be useful because as pre-service teachers and teachers we are dealing with this in classrooms more and more. There are various links to click on for find out more.

Well, I haven’t finished all of week 4 learning paths yet, so I’d better get back to it so I can finish it and reread it again.


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