Challenging my strengths and weaknesses

Looking at some of the unit plan examples, under week 4 learning path unit topic the unit plan if I was going to pick one that I would be more comfortable with, for me would be a unit plan for Preps. I read the example unit “Preps History-Me and my digital dairy family tree” and I would feel very much in my comfort zone with this one, as I am Early childhood. However, I found the year 7 History example plan “I love Mummies-All Things Ancient Egypt” very interesting and I can relate to it a bit because I volunteer with reading groups at the school in my local town and the focus of this reading group lesson was on Ancient Egypt. After the students read through the book about it, they couldn’t stop talking about it and they would ask me lots of questions. They even wanted to do more research on the computers to find out more. So the students love it just as much as me. But if I was going to challenge myself, the year level I would pick would be year 4. I quite enjoyed the example unit plan on the year 4 English-“Unleashing the visual detective inside me”. Yes, it would have to be year 4.


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