Week 3 Reflection

I didn’t realize how important it is to use something like the RAT Model to evaluate lessons to ensure we are using pedagogical practices when using ICT within our lesson planning. Also looking for suitable lesson plans for assignment 1 as has proven to be very difficult indeed as other students also have discussed their concerns on the Assignment 1 forum. I’ve brought this up because I’m now working in on the evaluation part of assignment 1 and trying to gain permission of websites for lessons plans was a real eye opener I just took it for granted that we could just use these lesson plans without permission. I didn’t think of the author at all and how important this is for assignment 1 and our future teaching.

Well, I posted a blog about a fellow student, Christina. I found her blog and assignment 1 post very helpful and encouraging as she shared what she found out. So I will take her advice and send an email, requesting permission to use their lessons in assignment 1. Thanks, again to Christina and thanks also to David’s list of lessons. Well, it been a big week and I will now prepare myself for Week 4 and sorting out the evaluation part of assignment 1.


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