How can ICT and pedagogy be used

Firstly, when education students pre-service teachers and teachers need to show our understanding of how ICT and pedagogy intertwine and we are learning to just that through week 3 learning paths ‘How can ICT and pedagogy be used. In this learning path, it asked the question are we becoming more anti-social due to ICT being introduced in our lives and I said yes at first but then I read through the learning path more and it made me remember when completed CMS 1000 Communication and Scholarship that it gives people more options to communicate especially people who are unable to socialize due to being incapacitated or from illnesses as well as students with a disabilities or students in very remote properties around Australia. ICT also allows us to communicate with overseas people. Having an understanding of ICT hardware and software can also help when using ICT.  So if you think about it, we are still socializing, we are just communicating through ICT devices and programs.

As ICT and pedagogy go hand in hand, the way we use them in our lesson plans must be clear when presenting it to students. Students need to be able to have an understanding and how to use ICT and how it is being used with what they are learning within the lessons and how it fits into the objectives being taught. So, therefore looking at the Earthquakes as geomorphological hazards is a good example of how the teacher pedagogically planned this lesson and whether the teacher allowed for students understanding of what to do.

As pedagogies are a big part in the art of teaching, we must keep this in mind, even when we are using ICT within lessons and lesson planning. In week 3 learning path, ‘Examples of pedagogies, 4 Evaluating pedagogical activities explains this by asking us to judge question around using ‘ICT and pedagogy evaluation’. This, learning path goes onto giving us examples of ICT and pedagogy and how they link in the ‘Goodish practice or examples’. I found using the RAT model really open my eyes in evaluating how I would use ICT and pedagogy within lesson planning and the effectiveness of it for students and how SLIC plays a big part in the RAT model.


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