There is hope for a suitable lesson plan for assignment 1

I went onto the Assignment 1 forum to ask David if I could use a lesson plan that I did for 1 of my other assignments from another subject. But I noticed Christina Law’s post on the assignment 1 forum and after reading it I got a pleasant surprise and it gave me hope that I can use one of the lesson plans from David’s list. I’m glad I had a look at Christina’s post as it is a life saver because trying to find a suitable lesson plan and getting permission for assignment 1 was proofing to be a nightmare. So 3 cheers for Christina!

I also took her advice and read Christina’s blog, Lesson plans. She explains copyright issues, term and conditions on the Mathletics lesson plan she was very interested in and list 2 other websites from David’s list. She said on the assignment 1 forum that she sent an email to these websites that she inquired about and got a response with 24 hours. I had a look at David’s list of lesson plans as well and I’m very interested in lesson plans – Cap that, Mathletics lesson plan Australia and lesson plans Read Write Think. So I will be sending them an email to get permission so I can use a lesson plan for assignment 1. I hope I can use at least one of them.


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