Great Resource to Share with EDC3100 Diigo Group

In the learning path, ‘Finding other good examples’ we had to pick one of the pedagogical activities, that was on the previous page, which I’m guessing is from the Method and Description on the previous page. So I hope I’m doing this right. The one I chose was scaffolding. So I went onto Google search in entered scaffolding student’s learning “ICT” and came across this wonderful resource for scaffolding activities to help EAL/D students, which is called Great Ideas using ICT for EAL/D students. This made me think about the lesson plan I did for the EAL/D student for EDE4012, that I mentioned in one of my other Blogs. In that lesson, I only used one form of ICT to scaffold learning and it was an interactive whiteboard that was connected to teacher’s laptop and the student sing to, the  Jolly Phonic song to learn sounds of letters. However, after engaging in this Learning Path and finding this resource, I have since found out I could have used more ICT to scaffold the learning of the EAL/D student. Well, now I know and I love it, it’s a great resource to use not only for EAL/D students but all students. Now I need to tag this on the EDC3100 Diigo group under ‘goodishexample’. But I’m not really sure how to do it. So I will post a message on the General Discussion Form.


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