Using ICT in lessons

I follow Naomi’s Blogs and I was very interested in her post about Google earth. It can be downloaded onto your desktop, web and Mobile and as Naomi said it is a fantastic ICT tool for Geography lessons. With resources and lessons for students to explore and learn more about the earth, space and space stations. Students can get a real feel for the earth, space and space stations with the 3D features with the images that can really draw students in and keep them interested. I had a quick look at the website that Naomi has mentioned in her blog. It’s worth looking at.

Speaking about using ICT in lessons, I used it in a different way, for a lesson plan I had to do for EDE4012 Cross Cultural Communication.  I had to plan and create a lesson for a EAL/D student which means English as an additional language or Dialect. I pick a Spanish Prep child student to help with her language functions and speech proficiency.  As Spanish was her first language she could only speak very little English. Which meant I had to use the EQ Bandscales to assess her. From there as part of creating some lessons for her. I used some, ICT as warm up songs at the beginning of the lesson and made sure I also included all students. These activities were Jolly phonic phase two and three songs by singing the letter sound song. They are a great way to teach student letter sounds and is beneficial to all students.

It encourages them to learn as it involves music, singing and the interact big screen for a whole group lesson warm up. I first saw Jolly Phonic being used in classrooms at the school in my local Town, so I thought I would use it in my lesson plan for EDE4012.


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