Reflecting on week 2

Week 2 was very challenging for me as I am a relief worker and sometimes I don’t get any work for long periods at a time. But for week 2 in ICT I worked for 3 days of that week. So it was a very big catch up job for me. I managed to get through the week 2 learning paths and I did the concept map today, so I hope it’s good enough. I even made it to this week’s Way station session.

During the week, however, I tried to do the Finding the teacher in the learning path for some teachers to put onto Feedly. Finding the teachers was easy enough but trying to put them onto Feedly was a challenge. But when I went onto the Way station on Thursday night David told me they need to be other Blogs and he demonstrated it to me and the other students.

So I’ll give it another go and see what happens. I’ve also registered for the Learning Place and Scootle, which is pretty straight forward. There’s hope for me yet.


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