Concept Map

I’ve Just completed my concept map. I choose to do the EDC3100 (Not) Framework and I found it to be a bit tricky. Once I got the hang of the function within Gliffy. I managed to do it and finish it. I’ve seen some of the other EDC3100 students Concept Maps and I hope mine is good enough. However I managed to complete it and it took me all morning. When I was going through my emails I noticed a EDC3100 fellow student’s blog in regards to Concept maps. It was Kia Kenny’s Concept Mapping. She mentioned that she looked at other blogs on mind maps and she really liked one of the blogs. So I thought I would have a look. Kia said that the student referred to this website So I went into it and had a look for myself and Wow! I can see why she liked it. I thought it was great and easy to follow. I liked it more than the one I did.


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