How do you develop conceptual understanding?

Trying to develop conceptual understanding is not as easy as some people think. As shown in the Harvard University video which demonstrates student’s misconceptions of what they were taught about the weather changes on earth. I’m not really sure how to develop the right conceptions but I guess I can find out as much as possible about how authentic the source is and what to look for and educate myself. I have come across some useful information about how to look for authentic sources and I thought I would share what I had found. Perhaps enrolling in courses such as ICT and pedagogy and hope the materials that I’m learning it right. All I can do is learn.

Trying to work out opaque can be quite frustrating. I have found that when I’m having difficulties understanding concept models it makes me feel stupid. Maybe I need to break it into smaller pieces. I guess by learning and developing the ability to be more open minded about learning new things and why is it scary, I found this article on this website and it talks about the fear of learning new things and gives useful tips on what to do.  Which will be helpful as we find out more about ICT because ICT is everywhere, it changes quickly, sometimes it’s hard to keep up and we are always learning something new.


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