Reflection on my attempt with the ICT quiz

Considering my results, I’m quite blessed. I could 9 out of 10 questions right as I have had some experience with ICT and I’ve seen it a lot in classes at my local school in Dirranbandi. I got question 3 wrong with the overhead projector. As far as the past offerings are concern getting question 3 wrong was consistent with the result of the past offerings. No, I didn’t misidentify the objects. I didn’t really use any pattern, however, I just looked at the object and tried to remember what they were used for. 1 common mistake I made was question 3 with the overhead projector as I was but was not sure if it was ICT, because I positive I’ve seen a digital version, maybe I’m wrong and maybe I’m thinking it’s for something else.

According to The School run (2016) website, Growing up in an ICT-rich environment means that children need to have opportunities to experience and develop skills in its use that will help them make the most of adult life. Contrary to what we often think, ICT isn’t simply about computers but includes anything that requires the input of instructions to produce specific outcomes. That’s your answering machine, mobile phone, DVD player, washing machine, traffic lights and even speed cameras. So it just goes to show there is a lot more to ICT, then we realise and as future Teachers it’s so important for us to know so we can teach our students appropriately.

Referencing The School run (2016), Support your child’s learning journey. Retrieved on July 13, 2016 at



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